Temperature Scanning Specialists

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic there are many businesses that have been closed and now will start opening and there are several critical businesses that had been operating due to their nature of work. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also has issued COVID-19 specific guidance urging workplaces to implement regular health checks, including instituting temperature checks when the employees of a company come to the office.

We, at Excelgens, offer both general best practices and specific compliance approaches that employers may consider as per the guidance from the state and local authorities. The compliance can also be based on their industry and location.

We cover the broad range of activities that are required to get the temperature scanning specialists at our client’s workplace.

  • Training
  • Making trained temperature scanning specialists available at the office premise of our client.
  • Providing the safety equipment to the test facilitators.

We have trainers who provide training to our clients when they are opening up businesses. The training covers various procedures like administering the temperature tests, maintaining the privacy of the employees undergoing the temperature tests, administering social distancing. This helps the management and the key employees to ensure that they are following the health guidelines to reduce any chances of the spread of COVID-19.

On-site temperature screening of your employees/ customers.

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High Level Temp Checking Process



  • Employee / Customer arrives at office premises
  • Employee / Customer enters the building through specified entry
Temperature Check

Temperature Check

  • Temperature scanning specialists asks employee / customer to wait
  • The Test Facilitator checks temperature of the employee / customer
No Temperature

No Temperature

  • The employee / customer is allowed inside
Temperature Identified

Temperature Identified

  • The employee / customer is asked to wait on the side.
  • The person from the company is notified.

All the temperature scanning specialists are provided with exhaustive training to institute the tests at our client’s sites. As these facilitators will be working in office spaces and in proximity to a lot of people, we provide all of our temperature scanning specialists with personal protective equipment which includes the following.

  • Gloves
  • Masks
  • Eyewear
  • Face Shields
  • Gown/Coveralls

We also provide the test facilitators with, a no-touch thermometer so as to administer the tests with the least contact with people. Lastly we also discuss the reporting structure of the organizations in case someone is found to be having a temperature above the permitted range and also and an understanding of confidentiality considerations that needs to be adhered by all our test facilitators.

Training your staff to ensure safety at workplace

Training plays an important role during the COVID-19 pandemic. All organizations might not have access to medical experts who can train their staff to ensure employee and customer safety. Also due to the current circumstances orgaizations need to be flexible in their approach on the way they can learn new skills or gain knowledge.

At Excelgens we can help you resolve these issues by offering you virtual/online training sessions for your staff. We will have medical experts who are certified Registered Nurse/Licensed Practitioner Nurse/EMT specialists, who will train your employees virtually through live video sessions. The training is provided on various topics as given below.

  • Thermometer Use
  • Donning/Doffing PPE
  • Tips on screening process
  • Maintaining privacy of employees
  • Sanitizing workplace equipment
  • Escalations and Reporting

We can customize the training as per the requirements of your organization.